Out of sight and often out of mind, supernatural forces wage an epic, ancient war over the fate of humanity.

Three friends, highly trained and skilled operatives who take it upon themselves to act as guardians of the innocent, will meet three deadly and smolderingly sexy demi-angels. These Elioud warriors have a heavenly mission that only the fierce —and fiercely independent—women can ensure succeeds. But first, they'll have to fall in love and forge a commitment to their divine mates.

Together, the couples will have the power to tip the balance between the forces of light and dark.

Apart, and the world just may burn.

HOme of author


I love writing exciting, action-packed thrillers set in international locations with just the right amount of romance, intrigue, and the touch of the supernatural.

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Photography credits

All photos of Liane have been licensed from Jessie Wyman Photography.


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