About Liane Zane

Author Liane Zane

Liane Zane is the author of five novels in the Elioud universe, including the action-packed The Harlequin & The Drangùe. Liane enjoys writing compelling, intelligent stories that shatter genre boundaries, showing believable characters who persevere in realistic and plausible situations as well as some that require more imagination. While all of these stories have international settings, the journeys that the characters take as they find love and overcome obstacles take place closer to home in the human heart.

Liane married her Prince Charming nearly three decades ago and raised three children while perfecting her craft. Before adopting this pen name, she published three hard-to-categorize novels also characterized by romance, faith, and action. She lives outside Boston now where she mothers two doodles and writes and publishes fulltime. Someday she hopes to get called into action baking cookies and reading bedtime stories to grandchildren.