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The Elioud Legacy Paperback Bundle

The Elioud Legacy Paperback Bundle

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An epic urban fantasy thriller series with three interconnected romances and a larger-than-life ending!

A war has waged since the dawn of history between the Fallen Watcher Angels, the Dark Irim, and their descendants, the Elioud, a race of demi-angels. The Archangel Michael, Commander of the Heavenly Host, has tasked the Elioud with defending humanity.

The Dark Irim are winning.

But St. Michael has a plan. It involves a trusted trio of male Elioud led by Mihàil Kastrioti, the son of legendary Albanian general Gjergj Kastrioti. And three women led by Olivia Markham, a field officer in the Central Intelligence Agency.

Together, these two teams can take on even the most powerful Dark Irim.

Apart, and the fate of humanity rests in the balance.

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